The 5 Best WordPress Social Media Plugins Of 2016


Social media has become the next big thing, and it’s very important for bloggers to integrate social sharing buttons on their blogs. By integrating social bookmarking and sharing buttons, you will let your readers quickly share your blog posts on their favorite social networking sites. This will help you to drive more traffic from social media […]

How Important Is "Fast" Web Server

Fast Server

Bandwidth, upload time, hosting fees… We all know the quote that “Time is money”, but how much does that hold up in today’s world? The answer is more than ever. With so many digital facets vying for our collective attention, it is crucial for the success of an online businesses to make sure that server […]

5 Important Shared Web Hosting Features

Shared web hosting is the most popular hosting solution purchased from hundreds of web host companies all over the world. The sheer size of the huge market of shared solutions often causes problems to customers since most people purchasing shared plans are new to web technologies, and usually do not know what to look for […]

Have no Data Backups? Three Worst Scenarios I’ve Heard About

Data loss can be devastating and immediately ruin your day if you are not prepared to face it. Sometimes users and businesses don’t realize how backuping the data can be important. Here are three situations which you can face if you do not backup your data beforehand. Hard Drive Crash You can never 100% rely […]

Internet Neutrality – Prioritizing the Traffic Explained

Not so long ago there was a big fuss on Internet rules. Some wants to protect the open Internet with the idea, that Internet providers must give all users equal access to any content. New rules may let service providers charge companies for faster delivery of traffic to their users. Here you will find some […]

Cyberspace – Why Is It Improtant for Us?

Television, social media and newspapers are full of horror stories about online dangers in cyberspace. We all heard of online bullying and virtual reality threats but do cyberspace has limits and boarders and why it is so important for us? First of all, what exactly is cyberspace? Unlike other computer terms, cyberspace does not have […]

Purchasing OpenVPN VPS Hosting. Should You Or Shouldn’t?

OpenVPN is an open source solution for creating a Virtual Private Network. It is open-source and freely available. It uses a secure and encrypted two-way communications tunnel. Also, customized protocol is used to achieve secure connectivity using SSL (Secure Socket Layer). Some users choose to rent a Virtual Private Server (VPS) and run that as […]

Best PPC Sites to Advertise on

What Is PPC? Pay Per Click (PPC) is an internet advertising model used to direct traffic to desired website. Advertisers pay the publisher when the ad is clicked. Advertisers typically bid on keywords relevant to their target market while content sites charge fixed price per click rather than use bidding system. PPC advertisements, also known […]

Best WordPress Hosting Providers

WordPress hosting is probably one of the most popular choices as blogging becomes the latest fashion things among various people from various ages. However, the decision itself might be pretty difficult – how to make the right decision, how to choose the right provider, how to find the best deals and offers and etc. All […]

Why to Share Hosting Reviews?

When searching the Internet and looking for hosting you might find some sites that has hosting reviews. In other words, it is logical that if they have a site, they are using hosting services and they are able to share their opinion. When you read it, it is really useful because then you can decide […]